Cloverbook Pro XL by SightCare

Meet the NEW CloverBook Pro XL from SightCare – a new, larger-screen version of the popular CloverBook Pro! Boasting a 16-inch touchscreen display, the CloverBook Pro XL not only gives more screen space, but also offers a wider scanning area so you can scan & read documents up to 11″x17″ in size.

Need more screen space? Add the 16-inch CloverView XL screen and enjoy true split-screen viewing with a dedicated monitor for the front of the room and one for your reading materials. You can also extend the view to both screens simultaneously to double your screen space. It’s a game changer!

Add the CloverView Extra Screen!

Add an additional 15.6″ full-HD screen to your CloverBook Pro XL to double your viewing area and essentially upgrade your device in the process; with unique reading-orientation, split-screen, extended view and computer-connect features added, using the CloverView XL external screen.